Al MUKHBATEEN FUNERALS is the  Muslim Funeral Service in the UK.

Al MUKHBATEEN FUNERALS service is the Muslim Funeral Service in the UK. We were founded in 2016 and have been assisting the West London Muslim community by arranging and managing the funerals of their loved ones ever since. We aim to help make this most difficult time one of peace. We also specialise in the repatriation of our deceased brethren to their families in other countries.

Muslims view death as a transition from one state of being to another, not as an end. They believe that actions follow you to the afterlife. So, if you follow the law of the Koran and live a good life you will be rewarded in the afterlife. In death, you will be separated from the ugliness in the world. But if you live a dishonest and bad life, you will be separated from all the beauty of the world.

Islamic funeral customs require that:

The body be buried as soon as possible after death
The body is turned to face towards Mecca, the holy centre of Islam.
Guests of the same sex should greet each other with a handshake and hug.
A person sitting next to the body reads from the Koran. An Imam presides over the service.
The deceased’s eyes and mouth are closed. There is rarely an open casket.
Guests should not take photos or use recording devices.
The arms, legs, and hands of the body are stretched out in alignment with the body.
The death is immediately announced to all friends and relatives.
The body is bathed and covered in white cotton.
Within two days following the death, the body is carried to the graveyard by four men. A procession of friends and relatives follow.
No discussion takes place at the time of burial, but all guests pray for the soul of the departed.
After the body is buried, all guests go to the house of the family of the deceased. A meal is prepared and guests usually stay for the entire day. Family members may stay for the whole week.
During this time, the family members socialise. It is believed that socialising helps to ease suffering.
If arriving late, guests should simply join in.

In Islamic culture. death is accepted and viewed as a natural part of life. The belief that the deceased has moved on to a pleasant afterlife is an important belief and helps the bereaved cope with their suffering.

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