Daily Prayers

 AL MUKHBATEEN MASJID is Shepherds bush local Mosque. It caters for the five daily prayers throughout the day. The mosque currently accommodates approximately 300 people. However, the current facility is unable to accommodate the entire community as such, it urgently requires development. 

Weekly Friday Jumua’h

 Since the formation of Al MUKHBATEEN MASJID, Friday Jumuah prayer has been regularly established attracting a diverse range of regular attendees. 

Social Activities

Iftar in Ramadan

We provide Iftar food for every fast in holy month of Ramadan

Future Plan

Weekend Madrasa

Most of the Muslim parent’s want to send their children to the mosque for weekend and whenever possible.

Weekly Tafseer UI Quran

We want to hold weekly Taf-seer programmes which will be open to the local community. Qualified sheikhs will give Taf-seer in full English also different language.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: Whoever builds a mosque, then Allah would build for them a similar place in Paradise.

You can make a donation with easy and quickest way by online, via post, direct debit, bank transfer, setup standing order. No matter how small, please donate generously.